“Good friends bail you out of jail, best friends are next to you saying “Man that was awesome!”

October 7th, 2010

So when the news got out that I would be doing this, there was quite an uproar at the office.  People were willing to bet their house, car, and 2 dogs that I would not finish.  No way, no how, just not possible.  I’ve have multiple people coming up to me daily saying that I’m clinically insane and need to get my head checked.  My response to them: Are you willing to put money on your view?

Anyway, my two compadres at work decided that this was an adventure they could not miss. (For the record, I was fully prepared to fly down to Florida, complete this thing, and fly back the next day. )  To be honest, I’m glad they are coming, I know I will not be in the greatest of states after swimming, biking, and running 140.6 miles.

I booked us all suites at the hotel, (remember, as long as I finish under 16 hours I don’t owe anyone a dime) so I went a bit crazy.  Hotel suites, massages, more leg room on the flights, you name it I did it.  Oh yeah, the following day I booked a massage and pre-ordered my room service.  Why not?

The three of us are set to leave Friday the 22nd around 2:45 arriving 3 hours later.  It’s about a 30 minute drive from Orlando (did i mention I booked a limo?)  I have to finish!

I have no idea what it’ll be like when we get down there.  When I asked when most people  arrived they told me usually the week before.  (I am arriving a full 14 1/2 hours before race time).  I land at 5:45 and including the travel time I have exactly 2 1/2 hours to register, get my bike racked and ready, and sort out all the different outfits I have to wear.  Oh yeah, it would also probably be a good idea to eat some pasta and get some sleep too.  Whatever, Ill figure it out.

October 8th, 2010

Two weeks until we leave.  Little did I know that my two compadres who are “in” for the adventure, are not as “in” as I had thought.  First off, I realized there is a ZERO % chance they will be awake at 7:30am to see me swim.  I will be happy if they are there at the end (I’m hoping to finish by 9:30) . It’s a long shot but hey, you never know.

Then after some conversations at work I hear they are planning a trip to Disneyworld.  Disneyworld?!!? What is this , some kind of twisted family vacation?  Here is a snippet from the conversation I had with them

Me: So what is this nonsense about you guys going to Disneyworld on the Saturday (race day) ?

Tweetle dee: Well yah! I mean we’re going to be 30 minutes away and I want to go on the tower of terror!

Tweetle dum: What are we going to do , stand and watch you the whole time?

Me: Well I don’t need you to bring pom-poms and your high school cheerleading outfits but you know, it wouldn’t kill you to at least see some part of each.

Tweetle Dee: We’ll see. I want to go on the tower of terror, and space mountain.

Tweetle Dum: I want to go to EPCOT

Tweetle Dee: Only if we have time

Me (to myself): I’ll give you EPCOT.  These fools are 27 and 29 years old.  EPCOT?  Give me a break.

Me: Ok fine, I don’t care , but one of you have to be there at the finish.

Tweetle Dee: We’ll see what we can do.

Me: Great.  Sorry to put a wrench in your romantic trip to the Magic Kingdom.

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