The official time

Hey everyone, here are the splits from the race. 30 minutes under my goal!

Bib # 145
Finish 138th
Name Brian Kuritzky
Age 24
City/State New York, NY
Overall Time 15:30:26
Swim Time 1:31:47
Bike Time 8:17:07
Run Time 5:20:39

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3 Responses to The official time

  1. Mitch Dayan says:

    very respectable even for one who would train diligently.
    Nicely done. are you at work today?
    what is your direct link to donate to your charity?

  2. Thank you very much. I did go to work today in the afternoon but only for a few hours. The direct link to the charity is
    thank you very much again

  3. Harrison says:

    You sir, I now look up to.

    PS. I was a soccer player too (not a good one though) and in a rec league. Played against those that represent our world cup team too in small high school tournaments a decade ago.

    Cheers to you mate!

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