Fundraising for the cause

This is not about me. Sure I was challenged to do an Ironman no training and I did it, but I still write to keep raising awareness and funds for breast cancer research.

I have been absolutely astounded by the generosity and kindness of all those who have donated or who have helped spread awareness about the cause.

Thus far we have hit the $100,000 mark and are still counting. The Komen link below does not reflect the private donors who wish to remain anonymous. It does reflect all of those who are taking action and helping achieve my goal and the goal of millions of people worldwide in helping erase breast cancer, permanently.

It is my goal to help that one mother, sister, daughter, or friend be able to have access to early screening that could help detect it early enough to save her. It is my goal to also help those fighting the cancer fight it tooth and nail, with no mercy. It is my goal to also help all of those survivors keep breast cancer away –  for good.

This is not a cry to guilt you to donating. I am asking you to please help to spread the word, spread the story so to achieve our goals.

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