Here in the City News: Interview

I wanted to share with you my interview with Here in the City News not because my head is getting bigger but because I think it explains who I am at the core.  In 6 words: Determination, work ethic,  honesty, integrity, and compassion.   Here it is:

Q – How long have you been in the industry, and what is your current job
title ?

a-I joined Goldman Sachs in July of 2008 and I am currently in the interest rate product sales group in the Securities Division.

Q – Did you have a mentor and, if so, who ?
a- It is hard for me to identify one mentor however there were several people who have been extremely helpful in their support and guidance. While there are many others I could mention, I would like to recognize Ben Solomon, Matt Verrochi, Jordan Cila, Devin Warner, Jonathan Coppola, and James Houghton for all their encouragement and direction. They backed me in my effort to attempt a seemingly impossible task, urged me to trust my instinct, and above all helped ensure that a cause that I feel so strongly for stood to benefit.

Q – Are you by nature a pessimist or an optimist ?
A- Without a shadow of a doubt I consider myself an optimist. I have learned through my experiences that you need to make the best out of every situation. Throughout my life there has been several unfortunate events that have happened however by taking the positives and moving on (as best as possible) I have grown tremendously as a person. Through this perspective you can develop as a person, move forward in your learning, and more importantly help others cope with events that occur in their life.

Q – Which business leader do you most admire and why ?
A- There are several business leaders of our time and times past whose qualities I try to emulate. First, Jack Welch, former CEO of GE whose hunger, drive, and ambition made GE one of the foremost companies of our era. His desire to be either the #1 or #2 in any given industry is that determined attitude I try to emulate when reaching for achievements. I admire former CEO Herb Kelleher of Southwest Airlines for his management style – namely his appreciation of all the employees in his company, regardless of status. I remember reading about how he would bring in donuts and coffee to employees working the overnight shift in various sites. I also want to point out Bill Gates for his philanthropy and understanding that there are nearly 4 billion people in the world who live in horrendous conditions. Lastly, I’d cite Warren Buffett for staying true to his roots and still lives in the same house he bought 30 years ago and how his daughter had to pay for her own college tuition to instill strong work ethic and integrity.

Q – What’s the biggest lesson you have learned in your career to date ?
A- Many things have stuck in my mind in my career to date. First and foremost, staying true to yourself and true to your values. There are no short cuts and no “get-rich” quick schemes. The way to a long and healthy career is to start at the bottom and work hard to move up and by being honest, working hard, and having the ambition and hunger to move forward will enable you to do so. Secondly, my father would always tell me that no matter who hard you work, there is always someone out there working harder. And no matter how smart or good you are there is always someone better. For this reason, you always need to work hard.

Q – What’s your favourite business quotation or life motto ?
I have two mottos I try to live by. The first is from Lance Armstrong who said, ” I no longer have bad days, only good ones or great ones.” The second is from George Bernard Shaw who said, “Satisfaction is death.” Being satisfied means you are standing still, and one can always move forward in their personal or professional life especially through continuing to learn.

Q – ‘What’s the best business book you’ve ever read ? There is one book that has had a great impact on me in my personal and professional life. While perhaps not a standard business book, it is one that I feel people should read. It is John Wooden’s autobiography. He talks about the Pyramid of Success and how one can achieve it. He preaches about a strong work-ethic, belief, talent, but also integrity and patience. It is a tremendous book.

We could link to the charity or anywhere that you thought helpful ?

That would be great. the link to the Komen Center page is

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