Anything is possible

There were several reasons that I agreed to that bet that fateful day in the beginning of October. The three mains reasons are as follows:

1) Prove that mental fortitude can prevail over physical challenges
2) Raise funds and awareness for the Komen Center in its fight to eliminate breast cancer
3) Inspire people to effect positive change.

I want to concentrate this post on effecting positive change. Positive change can be as big as building homes in Haiti to as small as holding a door open for someone. As corny as it sounds I believe in it. The more people that take even the smallest action to better their lives or the lives of others has a domino effect on others. Slowly but surely progress will be made.

I’ve been absolutely astonished with the generosity, charity, and support I’ve encountered from friends, colleagues, family, as well as total and complete strangers. I’ve received numerous e-mails from people I’ve never heard of saying they have been inspired to take action. Whether that means training for an athletic competition, reaching to apply to a competitive school, learning a new skill, or volunteering your time, that is what I am talking about here.

The way I see it, helping others isn’t a “good deed” that we have the luxury of doing when we feel like it (or when it is convenient for us). Instead, it is our responsibility. We did not have control over who our parents were nor did we control the socio-economic class that they found themselves in. Likewise for those kids born in Sub-Saharan Africa living on a dollar a day, how come we were so lucky?

Perspective is the key here. Understanding that we are all extremely fortunate makes it our responsibility to help those who have been less so. I’m not a preacher, I’m definitely not a saint, but I believe in this.

Little by little we can all do our part. Let’s do it – anything truly is possible.

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