Mind over Matter

Whenever anyone asks me how I was able to complete an Ironman without any training my short answer was my mentality. Sure I have a base level of fitness, a whole lot of belief, and a good set of lungs. However, none of that would have held up if my mentality wavered.

All of those second tier needs are crucial, but the #1 essential was my persistent determination (stubbornness?) that I was not going to accept any other outcome than crossing the finish line.

I was nervous of some abnormal occurrence preventing me from accomplishing my goal. Getting knocked unconscious from a hard kick to the temple during the swim, a flat tire in the bike, or a broken ankle/bone if I fell while exhausted on the run. Aside from these somewhat freakish incidents I was confident I could finish.

I hope you read this story as proof that seemingly impossible tasks are reachable with the proper mindset. That does not only pertain to athletic endeavors. Any challenge you face is surmountable given appropriate preparation and mental strength. I don’t care if it’s cliche, it’s true and my story is evidence of that.

The question “is it possible?” is not the right question to ask yourself. The more accurate question is “Are you willing to do whatever it takes to do it?”

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