What have you done for me lately?

Amazing how fast time flies. We are almost a full month removed from the Ironman. It flew by in a flash.

Anyways, as my father always preached, you are only as good as your next achievement/ do not rest on your laurels. George Bernard Shaw was famously quoted as saying, “Satisfaction is death” and these are just a couple mantras that I try to live by.

More to the point, here is what will be next. Before I say whatever it is, there is no other mainstream physical endeavor that will rival an Ironman. (I do not consider ultra-marathons, double ironmen, or death races to the North Pole as mainstream).

At 9:00am on Tuesday February 1st, I will be running the stairs of the Empire State Building.

The course record is held by a man named Paul Crake who stormed the stairs in 9 minutes and 33 seconds in 2003. The female record holder is Andrea Mayr who impressively ran the 1,576 steps in 11:23. Last year’s winner, Thomas Dold, finished in 10:07 with the women’s champion crossing the finish line at 13:27.

No big deal here, 1,576 steps, 86 flights, 400 contestants. I do not plan on competing to win but I do plan on finishing under 15 minutes. There are professional “vertical marathoners” who run up stairs like its their job (well, because it is their job)

15 minutes to climb a building about a quarter mile above ground level. I think that is about right, but then again I don’t have much context.

Here is a disclaimer from the registration site: <>

So if 15-25 minutes is average, is setting a sub 15 minute goal fair? Having learned that walking is not permitted and that those who sign up are in good physical shape, I think 15 minutes is a fair target.

I am debating wearing a 50 pound flak-jacket to also add some spice to the challenge. I’d love to hear any suggestions/comments you had on this so please send them my way!

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