CSI is what it is all about. (No it does not stand for Crime Scene Investigation ) It stands for Constant State of Improvement. While I cannot take credit for creating that acronym – that goes to a friend of a friend who knows somebody who knows something about it.

But seriously, it is a mantra I subscribe to in all walks of life.

CSI is self-explanatory. It means you are always trying to learn, to better yourself or others, and in general, to grow.

It does not mean that you think of each second that passes as a missed opportunity – it just means you should actively pursue and take advantage of opportunities that arise and actively seek them out.

One big component of this thinking is that progress should be measured on an absolute basis – NOT on a relative basis to others. We shouldn’t care (but we do because society does) how we match up with others. Instead, we should care with how much improvement we have made.

Not to go off on a major tangent here (but I will) – but American education has traditionally not subscribed to a CSI mode of thinking. It is one thing that is fundamentally wrong and has caused with our education system to fall seriously behind.

Here’s how it has worked: we bucket students into 3 categories – stupid, average, and smart. The stupid kids are lost causes (so no point in trying to reach them), the smart kids will be smart regardless (so no point in wasting time helping those dweebs improve incrementally either) instead we focus on the middle 3rd. The C students, the middle 50% of the bell curve, those are the students who we try to concentrate on – or so the thinking goes.

Instead – what we should be doing is helping that F student become an F+ (if such a thing exists), that C student rise to a B level, and that geek turn an A into an A+.

This is CSI. CSI is a mindset, it’s a way of living. Again, you should not drive yourself crazy by thinking you can never relax and watch a movie or give yourself a break, but it does mean you try to better yourself as much as is conceivably possible.

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