A nation of excess

The world has changed. Gone are the days where a high school diploma translates to a middle class lifestyle. Gone are the days where children should expect as given that their quality of life would be better than their parents. Gone are the days of American’s past excused American complacency.

Welcome to a new decade. A new world, a new normal, whatever you want to call it. The world has changed from when our parents generation was our age (see my prior post “What is it about 20 somethings”). America needs to embrace this change, not reject it.

We are used to being a nation of excess. Bigger is better, more is for sure. Not anymore. We need to go back to the hungry, fighting, scratch and claw mentality that our grandparents generations had.

According to the Bergen County Record, piano or prop movers at Carnegie Hall make $422,599 A YEAR – which does not include the benefits such as health care, holidays, deferred compensation. That only adds another $107,445. Only.

Carpenters receive the short end of the stick and make only ~$403,000 including benefits. Those on broadway and Lincoln Centre make under $290,000 – clearly Carnegie Hall is the desired place to be. That is not to insult any profession, but it is to highlight the fact that this is just one example of our society that was used to the good ole days. Those days are gone (just ask the automakers).

Nothing changes until it does. But this must and will change. When the day of reckoning comes and America needs to take its fiscal medicine (like the UK is doing now), then we will see a lot of unhappy piano movers and carpenters.

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