Go-getter of the week: Director, Documentarian, Do-er

Each week, I am going to highlight a person I know or have come across who exemplifies many of the qualities that I strive to embody: integrity, work ethic, passion, ambition. Go-getter’s do not wait for opportunities to come to them tomorrow, they take risks to make it happen for them today. The purpose of these posts is to prove to those who have goals that they are achievable, given the sacrifice and drive you give to reach them.

The inaugural “Go-Getter of the Week” goes to a good friend of mine who early on knew his passion lied in film. His drive and talent led him to NYU where he dropped out to pursue his passion full-time. He went on to direct his first documentary at the young age of 19 which jump-started a very promising careeer.

His name is Andrew Jenks. Visit his wikipedia page if you want to know about him (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andrew_Jenks)

This post is about his story.

Jenks went on to produce “Andrew Jenks, Room 335” and HBO came in to buy the rights to the film. This was Jenks’ launchpad as his next project saw him move to Tokyo to film an biography on Bobby Valentine. Jenks’ latest project is a TV show series where he immerses himself in a new world each week, a show MTV ran last Fall and likely running again.

Jenks currently operates a blog for the Huffington Post (view his latest: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/andrew-jenks/its-on-us_b_810102.html)

For every “Jenks” success story there are many more unsuccessful ones. Not many 19 year olds drop out of school, pack up a van, and drive 1,500 miles to pursue an idea. Was it risky? Of course. Am I recommending all aspiring film-makers do the same? Of course not.

What I am saying is that if you have a dream and if you have the drive, anything is possible.

So go out and make it happen!

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