Empire State Building Run-up Recap

This past Tuesday was the Empire State Building Stair Run. A mere 1,576 steps totaling 86 steps was what lied ahead.

I took part in the corporate challenge wave where 100 runners ran for the benefit of the Mulitple Myeloma Foundation (MMRF). Each of us were due to fundraise at least $2,500 and the MMRF’s goal was to raise over $250,000.

There were 100 runners in this wave versus 300 runners in the second wave. Long story short, I ended up winning the Corporate Challenge with a time of 13minutes 37 seconds. The winner of the other wave (Thomas Dold) won with a time of 10minutes and 10 seconds (which puts my time to shame). I wanted to challenge him to a 1v1 duel but he did not accept (or respond for that matter).

The run-up was a lot of fun. Sure it was tough (but as opposed to the Ironman, it was short). At times your lungs hurt more than your legs. Other times, your legs feel like they are numb and you are not sure if you will make the next step or if you will fall backward.

There is surely technique involved (which Tom surely has and I most likely did not – thanks for sharing Tom) as well as knowing how to pace yourself and when to use up your reserves. Tommy does this well as normally each race he collapses as he crosses over the finish line (assuming its not a move seeking sympathy)

Alright, back on topic, the race was a huge success for the foundation. They hit their goal of $250,000 (I think $274,000 was the final count) which is fantastic. For me, sure it was fun but the cause is more important. Anyone anywhere fighting cancer or being a go-getter for the benefit of another is something I applaud.

New York is the greatest city in the world with the greatest people in the world but there are a lot of people who need help. Komen NYC does that, the MMRF does that, Livestrong does that. Lets all stop wasting time and start making a difference.

Find 1 hour a week to give back to your local community. Anyone who says they do not have an hour out of 168 is lying, lazy, or sleeps too much.


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