Ryan Giggs – how could you?

Ryan Giggs. The epitome of loyality, the embodiment of commitment, the archetypical professional.

Ryan Giggs, a welshman, has stood by his country through thin and thinner. Wales has never made a major tournament in his career, nor have they really even come close. Still, Giggsy (if I can call him Giggsy) stayed with them and commited himself to the cause. He could have easily defected and joined England (the overrated but yet active and competitive force in major tournaments). But no, not Ryan Giggs.

Giggsy also showed this commitment for his club. He joined Manchester United as a school boy and went on to amass a record of 613 games played. That is almost unheard of in the modern game where players are always looking for more money, more attention, more love and where players change teams like they change underwear.

Giggs’ professionalism as a soccer player is second to none. He does all the right things with regard to preparation, recuperation, and training. He has gotten better as he’s aged which is also a rarity in the modern game where athleticism and physical prowess reign supreme. Giggs’ ability to remain at the top for the past twenty years is because he worked so diligently and sacrificed so much. This is what makes him special and one of my boyhood idols.

So, when I found out that Giggs was the masked man in the whole media injunction/gag order cover up – I was shocked. I had the same look on my face as a high school freshman would when they realize the bottle is pointing towards their cousin.

Today, John Hemming, a liberal democrat in the English Parliament revealed Ryan Giggs as the mystery man behind the injunction ordeal. As it turns out, Ryan Giggs was able to engineer a high court ordered injunction preventing media sources (and his mistress) from reporting on his extramarital affair. (How that happened is another post for another day)

So, Giggs cheated on his wife, with whom he has two children. Three questions come to mind:
1) Does that tarnish his legacy as a soccer player?
2) Is he less of a role model?
3) Should public figures be forced to lead a life of the straight and narrow?

I’ll spare you a series of longwinded answers.

Answer to question 1) No, not at all. We’re talking about Ryan Flipping Giggs
Answer to question 2) Yes, probably
Answer to question 3 ) see next post

Ryan Giggs. How could you?

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