Five things not to take for granted in 2012

Happy new year everyone. May 2012 be the year where all your dreams come true.

How many things do we just flat out not appreciate anymore?

We flip the light switch and the room better be lit. We open the fridge and our OJ better be cold. We raise the thermostat and demand within seconds the room be warm. How have we gotten so spoiled?

1) Electricity: Crazy as it sounds, not all people in the world have it. And lets try to lower our energy use, US is still the biggest consumer of energy per person in the world.

2) Elevators/Escalators: Lets set an arbitrary number of flights where above that amount you can feel good about taking the elevator. 4. There it is. If you live on the 5th floor, you can take the elevator. If not, TAKE THE STAIRS. IT WONT KILL YOU.

3) Water. Not everyone has access to clean water. The MAJORITY of Africa does not. So, don’t take 20 minute hot showers, and don’t let it run for 10 minutes before getting in either.

4) Food. 2012 – make me a promise. Don’t throw out food. If you can’t finish your food, take it home. ZIPLOC. ITS A WONDERFUL THING, try it.

5) Paper. Everyone can appreciate a nice hand-written letter. But otherwise, you don’t need paper bills (and if you do, recycle the paper).

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